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Nuclear Fuels and Materials

Nuclear Fuels and Materials Group

Nuclear science and technology have many positive effects on the daily lives of Canadians, ranging from reliable, safe and clean electricity generation to the production of medical isotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Through advanced computational and experimental techniques, the goal of our research is to enhance performance, safety, and environmental stewardship of nuclear fuels and related materials. The benefit to Canada will be a better understanding of in-reactor nuclear fuel behaviour, long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel, and greater support for emerging nuclear technologies.


May 11

Deadline for abstract submissions for Nuclear Materials conference.

July 13

Deadline for graduate student applications (international) to start in Jan. 2019.

 Sept. 3

Deadline for graduate student applications (domestic) to start in Jan. 2019.

Oct. 14-18

2018 Nuclear Materials Conference; Seattle, WA. 


Feb. 20

Eric Tenuta won the 2019 AIST Smith Graduate Scholarship (AIME) -- congratulations!


Dr. Martin Bruschewski will be visiting us as a Visiting Scholar from the University of Rostock, Germany. Welcome!

May 7

Ksenia Lipkina, Umer Shahid, and Mandy Le have joined the group. Welcome!
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