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MMSNF Workshop

Materials Modelling and Simulation For Nuclear Fuels Workshop

Nuclear Fuels and Materials

Nuclear Fuels and Materials Group

Nuclear science and technology have many positive effects on the daily lives of Canadians, ranging from reliable, safe and clean electricity generation to the production of medical isotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Through advanced computational and experimental techniques, the goal of our research is to enhance performance, safety, and environmental stewardship of nuclear fuels and related materials. The benefit to Canada will be a better understanding of in-reactor nuclear fuel behaviour, long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel, and greater support for emerging nuclear technologies.


Mar 20

Graduate student applications are now being accepted. Specific positions have been posted.

May 1

Registration for the MMSNF Workshop is now open.

May 10

Dr. Piro was awarded the Canada Research Chair in Nuclear Fuels and Materials.

Aug. 21

A new page has been added, Resources, which provides various resources to students to help them with their work. This is a password protected site open only to UOIT accounts.

Aug. 24

J. Chang and R. Laite won the UOIT FESNS poster competition. Congratulations!
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