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Technology-enriched Learning Environment (TELE)

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science - Laptop TELE model

UOIT's key differentiator! The university is committed to providing the greatest value for the investment in education and technology.

UOIT is a leader in implementing and using curriculum- and industry-specific software in a technology-enriched learning environment.
One of the greatest advantages of the universities’ approach is that all students have equal access to the same technology resources and services. Whether you are inside or outside of the classroom, state-of-the-art academic software allows students to download class notes, work on their own or with others and enjoy seamless access to online resources. Students are exposed to specific program-based software which is a great benefit in today's competitive job market.

All students participating in the Laptop TELE model will receive a laptop preloaded with specific software based on their program of study as well as extensive technical support. To review the Laptop TELE model details visit TELE models by faculty.


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